Virtual Reality Near Me

Virtual Reality Near Me: Best Places to Get Your VR

You’ve probably heard about how cool virtual reality is by now. Putting on those chunky goggles and grabbing the controllers transports you into amazing virtual worlds. But where can you actually try the latest VR experiences near your hometown? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We searched high and low to track down the best…

You’ve probably heard about how cool virtual reality is by now. Putting on those chunky goggles and grabbing the controllers transports you into amazing virtual worlds. But where can you actually try the latest VR experiences near your hometown? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We searched high and low to track down the best VR arcades, zombie shooters, indoor parks, and other spots where you can dive into virtual worlds as an adult. Strap in because we’re about to take a tour of the top places to get your VR fix near you. Whether you’re looking to fight off hordes of zombies or explore fantastic landscapes, these local VR hotspots will make you feel like you’re really there. Let’s dive in!

Virtual Reality Near Me: An Overview of VR Experiences Close By

High Tech VR Arcades

Some high-tech VR arcades have sprung up in cities and towns across the country offering the latest virtual reality experiences. These places have high-end VR equipment like the HTC Vive Pro or Oculus Rift S and a huge selection of games and experiences to choose from. Many offer multiplayer VR so you can face off against your friends or team up together in virtual worlds. The downside is that sessions can be pricey, often starting around $30-$50 per half hour.

VR Escape Rooms and Puzzle Games

For those who enjoy problem-solving and mystery, VR escape rooms and puzzle experiences are ideal. These interactive adventures challenge you to figure out clues and solve puzzles to ultimately escape from a virtual space. Popular franchises like The VOID and Mission Escape offer hyper-realistic Star Wars and Marvel-themed escape rooms in select locations. Some smaller local VR escape room companies have also opened in cities across the US.

VR Theme Parks and Attractions

Large theme parks have started incorporating virtual reality rollercoasters and thrill rides into their attractions. Places like Six Flags, Busch Gardens and Kennywood have partnered with VR companies to create immersive virtual experiences synced to real rollercoasters. Some parks also offer standalone VR attractions like zombie shooters, space fighters and giant arm rides. Tickets to these theme park VR attractions are included with general admission to the parks.

With so many options for virtual reality experiences nearby, you’re sure to find the perfect VR adventure for you and your friends. Strap on a headset and transport yourself into virtual worlds for an unforgettable thrill. The future is now!

Top VR Arcades for Immersive Gaming Near Me

The Void

The Void is one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences out there. They have multiple locations across the U.S. and feature hyper-realistic virtual worlds and haptic vests that let you feel the environment around you. Their Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience lets you walk around and interact with characters from the films. You’ll feel like you’re really exploring an Imperial base.

Zero Latency

Zero Latency is a free-roam VR arcade that provides a totally immersive experience without the constraints of cables. They use backpack PCs and VR headsets to immerse you in virtual worlds where you can explore freely. They have over 20 locations worldwide, including in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. Game options include zombie survival missions, puzzle adventures and more.

Dreamscape Immersive

Dreamscape Immersive is a VR arcade that produces story-driven experiences with high-end graphics and effects. They have locations in L.A., Dubai and elsewhere. Their experiences involve interactive narratives and mysteries in virtual worlds. For example, their Alien Zoo experience lets you explore an intergalactic zoo full of exotic alien creatures. The high-quality VR and environmental effects make it feel like you’re in an actual sci-fi movie.

Ctrl V

Ctrl V is Canada’s first virtual reality arcade. They have locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto. They feature a wide range of VR experiences including escape rooms, zombie shooters, adventure games and more. They use high-end VR equipment like the HTC Vive Pro and VR treadmills and suits for full immersion. If you’re in Canada and looking for an exciting VR experience, Ctrl V is a great option.

Finding Zombie and Horror VR Rooms in My Area

The popularity of virtual reality has led to the rise of VR arcade and experience centers in cities across the country. Many of these places offer horror and zombie-themed VR options for those looking to get an adrenaline rush. Check out a few places near you to experience the thrill of a virtual zombie apocalypse or paranormal haunting.

Virtual Reality Arcades

VR arcades are popping up in cities nationwide and typically feature a range of VR experiences from racing and shooters to horror adventures. For a spooky time, look for ones promoting ‘survival horror’ or ‘escape the zombies’ type games. These interactive experiences put you right into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead. You’ll have to fight off zombies and solve puzzles to find safety. Popular VR arcades like The Void and Dreamscape Immersive often feature zombie and horror adventures at many of their locations.

Entertainment Centers

Some entertainment venues like Dave & Buster’s, Main Event and Scene75 now offer virtual reality as an activity option. In addition to arcade games, bowling and laser tag, you may be able to encounter zombies and paranormal frights through their VR setups. The experiences offered can vary by location, so check with your nearby centers to see if they currently feature any horror or zombie VR games. These tend to be very immersive thanks to full room-scale VR platforms.

Haunted Houses

A few high-tech haunted house attractions have started incorporating virtual reality into their spooky offerings. ‘The Bunker’ in the UK and ‘Fright Nights’ in Australia both use VR to create a multi-sensory horror experience. In the US, attractions like ‘The 13th Floor’ in Texas and ‘Fright Factory’ in Pennsylvania have featured VR zombies and paranormal experiences as part of their seasonal lineups. Around Halloween, it’s worth seeing if any haunted houses in your area are offering any VR enhanced frights.

With so many options for virtual zombie and horror adventures springing up nationwide, you’re sure to find a thrilling undead experience near you. Just remember, in VR no one can hear you scream!

Indoor VR Centers for Adults Near Me

The Void

The Void is a popular VR experience that lets you physically walk around and interact with virtual worlds using haptic feedback suits and equipment. They have locations across the U.S. and Canada with experiences like Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, Ghostbusters: Dimension, and Ralph Breaks VR. You’ll get geared up in a VR headset, vest, and backpack before entering a multi-room VR space. The haptic feedback and physical environments make it feel incredibly immersive.

IMAX VR Experience

IMAX has jumped into the virtual reality world with IMAX VR Experience centers located in New York, California, India, and China. They feature VR experiences, games, and rides using high-end VR headsets like the StarVR and motion simulators. Some of their experiences are based on blockbuster movies like Avengers: Damage Control and Star Wars. IMAX VR Experience is ideal for gamers and movie fans looking for premium, high-tech VR.

Dreamscape Immersive

Dreamscape Immersive is a VR startup backed by some major Hollywood studios like 21st Century Fox and Warner Bros. They currently have two VR centers in Los Angeles and Dallas with more locations coming. Their experiences involve physical sets, haptic vests, and multiple players in the same virtual environment. Some of their adventures include Alien Zoo, Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl, and Curse of the Lost Pearl. Dreamscape aims to bring cinematic quality and multi-player social interaction to VR.

Nomadic VR

Nomadic VR creates traveling virtual reality experiences with intricate set designs and multiplayer capabilities. They periodically set up in cities across North America for limited engagements, so you’ll need to see if they have an experience scheduled near you. Their two adventures are Arizona Sunshine, set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, and Vertigo, where you have to escape a crumbling skyscraper. Nomadic VR is ideal if you’re looking for high-quality room-scale VR with friends.

Virtual Reality Near Me: FAQs on Booking and Pricing

How far in advance should I book?

For the best experience, it’s recommended you book at least a week ahead of time. Many VR venues fill up quickly, especially on weekends. Booking in advance also gives you the flexibility to choose the exact experience and time slot you want. Some places may offer discounts for booking multiple spots at once, so get a group together for the best deal.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for VR experiences can vary but you can typically expect to pay between $25 to $50 per person for a 30 to 60 minute experience. Packages or memberships are often available if you want to return frequently. The latest high-tech options with haptic feedback vests or omnidirectional treadmills will be on the higher end of that range. Many places offer student or group discounts if you ask.

What is included? Do I need to bring anything?

The price of admission typically includes all the necessary VR equipment like the headset, headphones, and hand controllers. Some venues provide motion simulators, haptic vests or treadmills for an extra fee. All you usually need to bring is yourself, though you may want to avoid loose or dangling clothing. It’s best to check with the specific venue to see if any additional items like gaming gloves or gun holsters can be provided or if you need to bring your own.

Are there age restrictions or health warnings?

Most VR experiences have a minimum age requirement, typically 13 years old. Some more intense options may have an 18+ age limit. Pregnant women, people with epilepsy or seizures, and those with balance or neck issues should check with a doctor before using VR equipment. The virtual reality experience may cause motion sickness in some individuals. Check with the venue for their specific age, height, and health requirements to make sure the experience will be safe and enjoyable for you.

where to play virtual reality games near me?

Many VR centers near you will let you play virtual reality games in addition to experiencing simulations. Here are some options:

VR Arcades: Dedicated VR arcades have sprung up in many shopping malls and downtown areas. They offer a wide selection of VR games from shooters to racing to puzzles that you can play while standing, sitting or using a motion platform. Prices typically range from $5 to $15 per game.

VR Gaming Cafes: Similar to arcades, VR cafes focus specifically on offering the latest VR games for rent by the hour. They have high-end gaming PCs hooked up to high-resolution VR headsets for the best gaming experience.

Entertainment Venues: Family entertainment centers and amusement parks are adding VR gaming areas to their attractions. They often have a large selection of games to appeal to different ages and interests.

When choosing a place to play VR games, consider the selection of games, comfort of the headsets, and whether VR controllers are included. Ask if they have any less intense options for those prone to motion sickness. Have fun exploring the virtual worlds that await near you!


And there you have it – a rundown of some of the best spots to get your virtual reality fix nearby. Whether you’re looking for a zombie shoot ’em up adventure, a calming underwater exploration, or a fitness session that’ll have you sweating in no time, there’s something here for everyone.

VR tech has come so far in just a few short years. Even if you’ve tried it before, the experiences now are leaps and bounds beyond earlier versions. Treat yourself to an afternoon of escape.

Grab some friends for a mind-bending multiplayer battle. Or challenge yourself to improve your reaction times and fitness. However you choose to dive in, with this list finding virtual reality near you has never been easier. Now get out there and start exploring new worlds!

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